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Grade 4 Environmental Science
None Mesopotamia

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The "Fertile Crescent" is....
  1. a river
  2. an arc of rich farmland
  3. a song
  4. a mountain
Grade 6 Development and Reproduction
Grade 7 Human Reproduction
What occurs when a male's sperm and egg unite inside the females body?
  1. Spawning
  2. Internal Fertilization
  3. External Fertilization
Grade 9 Human Reproduction
What is fertilization?
  1. Joining of a sperm
  2. Joining of a sperm and egg cell
  3. Joining of an egg cell
Grade 11 Human Reproduction
Where is the site of fertilization?
  1. the vagina
  2. the fallopian tubes
  3. the urethra
  4. the medulla
Grade 10 Human Reproduction
Grade 3 Geography
Grade 3 Culture
The number of people living in an area.
  1. elevation
  2. fertile
  3. floodplain
  4. population
Grade 6 Environmental Science
Grade 5 Development and Reproduction
What is the joining of a sperm cell and an egg cell?
  1. Fertilization
  2. Photosynthesis
  3. Evaporation
  4. Scavenging
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