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Grade 5 Special Occasion Words
Grade 10 French Revolution
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Which provides financial services?
  1. Certified Public Accountant
  2. Banks
  3. Insurance Agent
  4. Stock Broker
  5. All of the Above
Grade 8 Economics
The secondary sector of an economy is primarily concerned with:
  1. Agriculture
  2. Financial Services
  3. Education
  4. Manufacturing
Grade 9 Business Technology
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Personal financial success is primarily the result of:
  1. Managing your money behavior
  2. Winning the lottery
  3. Generous welfare and unemployment programs
  4. Inheriting money from your parents
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Grade 10 Business Technology
A commercial bank is
  1. a non profit financial institution.
  2. a financial institution that offers a full range of financial services.
  3. a savings plan that requires a minimum balance.
  4. a money market fund.
Grade 11 Personal Finance
You may pay more for an item bought on credit because of:
  1. Interest payments
  2. Sale prices
  3. Debts
  4. Financial problems
Continuing Education Business Technology
commercial bank
  1. non profit financial institution
  2. financial institution that offers a full range of financial services
  3. savings plan that requires a minimum balance
  4. money market fund
Grade 5 Economics
A group of people chosen to manage or direct a business or organization
  1. ATM
  2. Board of directors
  3. Credit union
  4. Financial institution
Grade 9 Context Clues
The legal aid clinic was subsidized by city and county funds. Subsidized means:
  1. sterilized
  2. given keys
  3. financially supported
  4. shut down
Grade 9 Business Technology
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