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Grade 2 Subject-Verb Agreement
What change should be made in the sentence below?

The children are fixed their papers.
  1. change fixed to fix
  2. change fixed to fixing
  3. change fix to fixes
Grade 10 Personal Finance
A "fixed" expense is:
  1. something that you need to work on
  2. an expense that is the same amount each month
  3. an expense that changes from month to month
  4. income that changes from month to month
Grade 11 Personal Finance

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Grade 11 Personal Finance
Expenses that remain the same from month to month
  1. Discretionary
  2. Fixed
  3. Intermittent
  4. Variable
Grade 1 Spelling
Grade 3 Simple Machines
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Non-essential expenses
  1. Discretionary
  2. Fixed
  3. Intermittent
  4. Variable
Grade 2 Vocabulary
Grade 8 Vocabulary
My grandmother has an INGRAINED fear of big cities.
  1. understandable
  2. Mistaken
  3. Firmly fixed
College Visual Arts
Grade 6 Forces and Motion
A fixed unmoving object or location is
  1. potential energy
  2. reference point
  3. effort force
  4. stored energy
Grade 10 Vocabulary
To fasten or fix firmly.
  1. rivulet
  2. rivet
  3. riveting
  4. rival
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Who fixed Grady's bear?
  1. Grandpa
  2. Dad
  3. Mom
  4. K.C
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