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Grade 8 Forces and Motion
A force is a
  1. constant speed
  2. push or pull
  3. linear quantity
  4. cannot be determined
Grade 8 Forces and Motion
A force
  1. causes all motion
  2. starts stationary objects moving
  3. stops moving objects
  4. is an interaction between two or more objects
  5. all of the above
Grade 4 Forces and Motion
Force is
  1. the push or pull on an object
  2. when an object changes position
  3. a model built by an engineer
  4. a force that works against motion
Grade 9 Vocabulary
To force
  1. coordinate
  2. comply
  3. compel
  4. congeal
Grade 3 Forces and Motion
A force is                               
  1. a very loud noise
  2. a push or pull upon an object
  3. a strong pull on an object
Grade 6 Forces and Motion
A force
  1. is expressed in newtons.
  2. can cause an object to speed up, slow down or change direction.
  3. is a push or a pull.
  4. all of the above.
Grade 7 Forces and Motion
A force is a
  1. push or pull
  2. weight
  3. momentum
Grade 6 Forces and Motion
Grade 5 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. ferce
  2. force
  3. fource
  4. forc
Grade 11 Fluid Mechanics
Grade 5 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 10 Fluid Mechanics
P=F/A is the equation used to determine fluid pressure. If pressure remains constant and area increases what will happen to the force?
  1. Force will increase
  2. Force will decrease
  3. Force will remain constant
  4. Force is not a factor
Grade 8 Forces and Motion
These forces must touch the object that they push or pull. They are called
  1. friction forces
  2. mechanical forces
  3. energy forces
  4. contact forces
Grade 6 Forces and Motion
Forces that delete the effect of each other are called                  .
  1. unbalanced forces
  2. balanced forces
  3. zero forces
  4. many forces
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