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Grade 3 Botany
A forest of trees that form seeds in cones is called                 ?
  1. desert
  2. coastal forest
  3. coniferous forest
  4. deciduous forest
Grade 6 Environmental Science
Every year large portions of the Earth's rain forests are cut down for:
  1. logging
  2. mining
  3. cattle ranches
  4. all of the above
Grade 1 Children's Literature
Harold drew a forest. The forest was
  1. too scary.
  2. very small.
  3. full of trees.
  4. a beautiful forest.
Grade 3 Biomes
Grade 9 Biomes
A land biome that is made up of trees with needle shaped leaves is called this.
  1. desert
  2. temperate forest
  3. deciduous forest
  4. boreal forest
Grade 3 Capitalization
How would you capitalize this title?

the rain forest
  1. The Rain Forest
  2. the Rain Forest
  3. The rain forest
  4. The Rain forest
Kindergarten Environmental Science
Grade 4 US Geography
Which forest is in Arizona?
  1. Rain Forest
  2. Petrified Forest
  3. Arizona Forest
  4. Gila Forest
Grade 4 Vocabulary
A forest that is DENSE is:
  1. far away
  2. thick
  3. nearby
  4. green
Grade 7 Biomes
Grade 8 Biomes
In a deciduous forest                                                  
  1. ferns and wild flowers are abundant.
  2. there is ample food for deer and smaller animals.
  3. many birds migrate southward when winter comes.
  4. none of the above
  5. a, b, and c.
Grade 3 Biomes
This biome represents                    .
  1. Temperate Forest
  2. Tropical Rain Forest
  3. Taiga
Grade 3 Biomes
A                     is a forest that is hot and damp.
  1. desert
  2. temperate forest
  3. tropical rain forest
  4. wetland
Grade 11 Biomes
Of the following, which biome has the lowest average annual temperature?
  1. rain forest
  2. grassland
  3. coniferous forest
  4. tundra
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