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Grade 5 Periodic Table and Elements
Grade 9 Fluid Mechanics
Bernoulli's principle applies to                         .
  1. gases only
  2. liquids only
  3. both gases and liquids
  4. neither gases or liquids
Grade 9 Heat Transfer
Convection will most likely occur through
  1. solids and liquids
  2. gases only
  3. liquids and gases
Grade 4 Oceanography and Hydrology
Grade 12 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
What is breathing?
  1. the exchange of gases in the mitochondria
  2. the exchange of gases in the lungs
  3. the exchange of gases in chloroplasts
  4. the exchange of gases in the mouth
Grade 5 Biogeochemical Cycles
What are greenhouse gases?
  1. Gases produced by plants in a greenhouse.
  2. Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.
  3. Gases that cool the earth's temperature.
  4. Gases that are used to cook food.
Grade 4 Heat Transfer
Convection takes place only in liquids and
  1. gases
  2. energies
  3. solids
  4. states
Grade 6 Properties of Matter
Grade 4 Atmosphere
Grade 9 Reactions
The elements or compounds formed by chemical reactions are
  1. The products
  2. The reactants
  3. The solids
  4. The gases
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