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Grade 10 :: Waves and Sound by tessa11
Grade 4 :: Waves and Sound by msventura
Which color is NOT found in the rainbow?
  1. Yellow
  2. Indigo
  3. Violet
  4. Pink
Grade 6 :: Waves and Sound by RosieSoden
How does light react on a shiny surface?
  1. Light scatters, or bounces off in lots of different directions, which means we can't see a clear reflection and the surface will appear dull.
  2. Light reflects, or bounces all at the same angle so a clear image or reflection can be seen.
Grade 6 :: Painting by moowolf
Grade 3 :: Waves and Sound by Tlahooti
Light is
  1. only from the sun
  2. is a form of energy
  3. a form of electricity
Grade 6 :: Waves and Sound by RosieSoden
What happens to the light on a black surface?
  1. It reflects.
  2. It scatters.
  3. It gets absorbed.
Grade 6 :: Waves and Sound by Severud
Choose the 2 answers that are examples of invisible light.
  1. Ultraviolet
  2. Ultrasonic
  3. Full spectrum
  4. Infrared
Grade 4 :: Waves and Sound by Ureesha
Most of the light that reaches your eyes is
  1. refracted light
  2. convex light
  3. reflected light
Grade 6 :: Waves and Sound by haywd14
The waves that are responsible for causing a sunburn are
  1. visible light
  2. infrared light
  3. ultraviolet light
Grade 4 :: Capitalization and Punctuation by cbodnar1567
Write the title correctly.

light in the attic by Shel Silverstein
  1. No changes
  2. Light In the Attic
  3. Light In The Attic
  4. Light in the Attic
Grade 9 :: Nervous and Endocrine Systems by mariap
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