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Continuing Education Business
Posting exposed pictures on the internet can lead to:
  1. Nothing, it's just the internet, your stuff stays private.
  2. Jail time, and expulsion
  3. The cops will come and take away your computer
  4. You could create a stalker
  5. People you don't want to see them, may still see them
Grade 11 Programming
"Security by Design" refers to
  1. the study of computer security design.
  2. software that is designed with security as the main feature.
  3. hardware that is designed with security as the main feature.
  4. computers that are secure because they are blocked from public access.
Grade 11 Internet
Grade 11 Internet
Which of the following are vulnerable to a cyber attack? Select all that apply.
  1. Personal Computers
  2. Mac Computers
  3. Cell Phones
  4. Televisions
Continuing Education Business Technology
Grade 7 Internet
Which of the following is not a benefit of cloud storage?
  1. easier to access
  2. more reliable
  3. protection for data backup
  4. added security
Grade 7 Internet
Continuing Education Business Technology
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