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Grade 4 Spelling
Grade 4 Vocabulary
Learned people
  1. seeker
  2. scholars
  3. link
  4. ancient
Grade 5 Vocabulary
learned by heart
  1. ambitious
  2. memorized
  3. satisfaction
Grade 1 Vocabulary
To learn means
  1. to be caring and friendly
  2. to greet someone with kindness
  3. to know and understand how to do something
Grade 10 Psychology
Insight learning is...
  1. when you learn through repeated practice
  2. when you solve a problem by using something you already know
  3. when you connect an event with a good or bad event
Grade 7 Vocabulary

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ability to learn
  1. disposition
  2. tabulated
  3. acquisition
  4. capacity
Grade 1 English as a Second Language ESL
We learn in a                
  1. classroom
  2. restaurant
  3. house
  4. office
Grade 4 Adaptations and Behavior
A behavior an organism is naturally born with.
  1. learned
  2. innate
  3. imprinting
  4. insight
Grade 9 Adaptations and Behavior
Grade 9 Rhetoric and Propaganda
Grade 5 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
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