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Grade 7 Spelling
Choose the word that is spelled correctly
  1. literary
  2. litarary
  3. literrery
  4. litterary
Grade 9 Vocabulary
literary elements
  1. point of view, plot, conflict, etc...
  2. words that have similar meanings
  3. things or events that are not on the subject being taught
Grade 12 Vocabulary
What is a mnemonic device?
  1. a literary term
  2. a repeated word
  3. a distraction
  4. a memory trick
Grade 8 Mississippi
Men in early Hattiesburg were interested in these organizations that have local branches:
  1. Chapter Societies
  2. Literary Societies
  3. Teachers
  4. Labor Unions
Grade 6 Identifying Genre
Which of the following is not a literary genre?
  1. Alliteration
  2. Traditional
  3. Mystery
  4. Fantasy
Grade 9 Identifying Genre
The definition of satire is a literary device that
  1. uses irony or wit in a humorous way.
  2. conveys something different from its literal meaning.
  3. compares two unlike things.
Grade 6 Identifying Genre
Which of the following is not a literary genre?
  1. non fiction
  2. drama
  3. poetry
  4. alliteration
Grade 3 Alexander Who Is Not Going to Move
Which literary genre is this story?
  1. Fantasy
  2. Pulp Fiction
  3. Realistic Fiction
  4. Fable
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
Poe was widely known as a                                during his lifetime.
  1. fearless literary critic
  2. successful owner of a magazine
  3. newspaper editor
Grade 8 Mississippi
Grade 8 Mississippi
Groups of women in early Hattiesburg that were interested in literature:
  1. Chapter Societies
  2. Teachers
  3. Literary Societies
  4. Ladies Aid Societies
Grade 8 Mississippi
Grade 7 Vocabulary
The most important idea of a literary work
  1. central idea
  2. details
  3. evidence
  4. structure
Grade 8 Opinion Writing
Which of the following pieces of evidence are you MORE LIKELY to see in a non-fiction text?
  1. bias/objective/subjective opinions
  2. mood
  3. theme
  4. use of literary devices
Grade 7 Richard Cory
What literary device is being used in line 9?
  1. simile
  2. personification
  3. metaphor
  4. idiom
Grade 8 Metaphor CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.8.5

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