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Grade 7 Musical Notation
Grade 7 Prefixes and Suffixes
The prefix "sub" means:
  1. under
  2. middle
  3. into
  4. not
Grade 4 Defining Words
In the middle, between
  1. halfway
  2. bloom
  3. transplant
  4. stake
Grade 10 Musical Terms
Half or middle:
  1. Sopranao
  2. Mezzo
  3. Tenor
  4. Bass
Grade 6 Range, Median, Mean, and Mode CCSS: 6.SP.A.3
Grade 2 Modern Africa and Mid East
What is the most AIDS infected part of Africa?
  1. The Middle
  2. The South
  3. The North
  4. The Water
Grade 4 Zoology
The thorax can be found where?
  1. front
  2. middle
  3. back
  4. side
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
At what time of year did the Vikings go on their expeditions?
  1. In the middle of winter
  2. In the summer
  3. In the springtime
Grade 7 Musical Notation
What does the bass clef identify?
  1. G above middle C
  2. middle C
  3. F below middle C
  4. A above middle C
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