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Grade 10 Biology
Which of the following show the correct sequence of organization for living things?
  1. cell-organ-tissue-organ system
  2. organ-tissue-cell-organ system
  3. cell, organ system, organ, tissue
  4. cell-tissue-organ-organ system
Grade 12 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 6 Biology
An organism is:
  1. a repeating pattern
  2. a basic unit of life
  3. a living thing
  4. a chemical used to kill bugs
Grade 3 Biology
An organism is                                   .
  1. a non living thing
  2. an individual living thing
  3. an animal that eats fruit and meat
  4. none of the above
Grade 10 Anatomical Organization
Grade 10 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 11 Anatomical Organization
Grade 6 Anatomical Organization
Grade 7 Anatomical Organization
Grade 10 Scientific Terms
Organization is                           .
  1. orderly structure
  2. found in all living things
  3. both a and b
  4. neither a or b
Grade 5 Cell Structure and Function
College Anatomical Organization
Grade 3 Vocabulary
  1. a little plant
  2. an individual living thing
  3. a tadpole
  4. a toy
Grade 7 Vocabulary
  1. the center of a cell containing genes
  2. neither hot or cold
  3. cell; organic structure
Grade 10 Anatomical Organization
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