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Grade 7 Defining Words
  1. to restore to a condition of good health, ability to work, or the like
  2. to yield to an inclination or desire; allow oneself to follow one's will
  3. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view
  4. composed of many interconnected parts
Grade 9 Visual Arts
Aerial perspective is also known as
  1. atmospheric perspective
  2. one-point perspective
  3. implied perspective
  4. linear perspective
Grade 8 Defining Words
a different perspective
  1. costume
  2. viewpoint
  3. address
  4. language
Grade 10 Drawing
Perspective drawing which utilizes two vanishing points is referred to as:
  1. one-point perspective
  2. atmospheric perspective
  3. two-point perspective
  4. all of the above
None Visual Arts
Grade 8 Defining Words
enormous, giant
  1. tremendous
  2. mediocre
  3. perception
  4. perspective
Grade 6 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 3 Defining Words
Something invented for use.
  1. device
  2. confused
  3. perspective
Grade 10 Visual Arts
A technique used in perspective drawing which exaggerates the height of an object is referred to as:
  1. three-point perspective
  2. two-point perspective
  3. one-point perspective
  4. four-point perspective
None Renaissance and Reformation
What art form did painters use during the Renaissance?
  1. imagery
  2. perspective
  3. contemporary
  4. traditional
Grade 6 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 8 Defining Words
Grade 8 Defining Words
To make an idea clear and intelligible
  1. Attribute
  2. Perspective
  3. Clarify
  4. Facilitate
Grade 6 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Her clothes have a very                style.
  1. perspective
  2. contemporary
  3. consume
  4. prosper
None Visual Arts
The area above, below, around and within objects
  1. Shape
  2. Space
  3. Perspective
  4. Atmosphere
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