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Continuing Education Pronouns

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Grade 4 Adjectives
Grade 4 Defining Words
Having a specified length
  1. pizza
  2. basil
  3. long
  4. write
Grade 3 Fact and Opinion
Which is an opinion?
  1. Pizza has cheese on it.
  2. Pizza is the best food.
  3. Pizza comes in different flavors.
  4. Pizza is cooked in an oven.
Grade 1 Adjectives
Grade 4 Subject-Verb Agreement
Select the sentence with the correct subject-verb agreement.
  1. People likes to eat pizza.
  2. Peoples likes to eat pizza.
  3. People like to eats pizza.
  4. People like to eat pizza.
Kindergarten Biology
Which item is NOT non living?
  1. chef
  2. pizza
  3. book
  4. crayon
None Diet and Nutrition
Grade 1 Nouns
Grade 2 Adverbs
Grade 4 Defining Words
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