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Grade 12 Vocabulary
  1. Rules, or ways of acting
  2. How you see yourself
  3. Ways of doing things
The Federal Reserve Board helps to make what kind of economic policy?
  1. Wage policy
  2. Trade policy
  3. Fiscal policy
  4. Monetary policy
None World Wars
"Appeasement Policy" is...
  1. a policy of aggression towards the enemy
  2. a policy of compromise to avoid conflicts
  3. a policy of doing what others expect of you
Grade 7 Social Studies
The term used when one country takes over part or all of another country is
  1. annexation.
  2. foreign policy.
  3. domestic policy.
  4. revolution.
Grade 9 Vocabulary
Grade 9 Vocabulary
Grade 10 Business Technology
the way you behave; your behavior
  1. conduct
  2. policies
  3. manners
  4. acts
Grade 10 Business Technology
the rules a company makes to keep work going well and safely
  1. certificates
  2. policies
  3. conduct
  4. regulations
Grade 9 Vocabulary
To put things in proper order
  1. Policy
  2. Content
  3. Drought
  4. Tidy
Grade 10 Business Technology
College Public Health
What's the difference between an institutional policy and a public policy?
  1. An institutional policy is enforced by local, state or federal law while a public policy is enforced by an organization (eg. SVSU)
  2. A public policy is enforced by local, state or federal law while an institutional policy is enforced by an organization (eg. SVSU)
  3. There is no difference
  4. Public policies can promote public health while institutional policies cannot impact public health
Grade 11 World War I
A country that builds up its armed forces is using what policy?
  1. Big Stick Diplomacy
  2. Militarism
  3. Agression Policy
  4. Defense Policy
Grade 10 Vocabulary
A person that supports a cause or policy:
  1. emancipate
  2. impede
  3. advocate
  4. antipathy
Grade 11 American Imperialism

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Grade 7 Vocabulary
A RESTRICTIVE policy is very:
  1. detailed
  2. liberal
  3. old-fashioned
  4. limiting
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