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Grade 8 Sentence Structure
Which sentence is correct?
  1. They promoted from within.
  2. They do promote.
  3. Promote games.
  4. Every concert is promoted.
Grade 11 English as a Second Language ESL
What is a promotion?
  1. A sale on products
  2. A campaign to advertise something
  3. An attempt to start a movement
  4. A move to a better position at work
Grade 12 Kinetics and Equilibrium
Grade 6 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 5 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 11 Colonial Period
The idea of freedom of religion was promoted by
  1. John Winthrop
  2. Roger Williams
  3. Nathaniel Bacon
  4. Jonathan Edwards
Grade 4 Democratic Foundations
To "Promote General Welfare" meant
  1. to make sure everyone was generally healthy.
  2. to only allow people to do things that were healthy.
  3. to help guard citizens against poverty, hunger and disease.
Grade 5 WWII
Grade 10 Vocabulary
To promote the growth or development of
  1. foster
  2. mosquito
  3. status
  4. cedar
Grade 9 Microbiology
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