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Grade 7 Early National Era
The result of Shays' Rebellion was
  1. it showed how well the Articles of Confederation worked
  2. it shocked congress into calling for the Constitutional Convention
  3. it proved how strong the army was
Grade 7 Defining Words
Which word means "defiance or resistance"?
  1. belligerent
  2. antebellum
  3. rebellion
  4. postbellum
Grade 12 Democratic Foundations
None New Imperialism
The Boxer Rebellion of 1899 was between
  1. the Qing and British
  2. Sun Yat-sen and the Qing
  3. Korea and Japan
  4. the Chinese and all foreigners
Grade 5 Living a Godly Life
Open rebellion and direct disobedience                                                                          .
  1. come from a deceitful and wicked heart
  2. result in severe consequences
  3. show a loack of submission both to human authority and to God's authority
  4. show that a person is not content with God's plan for his or her life
  5. all of the above
Grade 5 Russian Revolution
Grade 7 Colonial Period
What was the name of the attack against American Indians and the colonial government in Virginia?
  1. Lettuce's Rebellion
  2. The Slave Code
  3. Mayflower Compact
  4. Bacon's Rebellion
Grade 10 A Sound of Thunder

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In this story, Harrison Bergeron represents the spirit of...
  1. conformity
  2. family values
  3. dependence
  4. rebellion
Grade 7 Colonial Period
This was an attempt by American Indians to push white settlers out of the Ohio Valley
  1. Bacon's Rebellion
  2. Pontiac's Rebellion
  3. French and Indian War
  4. Revolutionary War
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