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Grade 9 Vocabulary
  1. exclude
  2. toilsome
  3. animosity
  4. admire
Grade 7 Vocabulary CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.7.4c
Grade 9 Vocabulary
  1. highly regard
  2. usurp the place of
  3. relieve the sorrow of
  4. distinction
Grade 9 Africa and Middle East
Which is not true regarding the Turks?
  1. they were nomads
  2. they were from central Asia
  3. they were weak and wimpy fighters
  4. they began converting to Islam in the 900s
Grade 9 Vocabulary
Regard as probable; expect or predict
  1. antagonize
  2. anticipate
  3. anecdote
  4. adhere
Grade 8 The Pigman
In regard to John's parents, Lorraine is:
  1. afraid that John may turn out to be just like them.
  2. blames them as the source of his problems.
  3. certain that she does not want to be the kind of adults they are.
  4. both a and b.
Grade 8 Vocabulary
Something regarded as worthless
  1. Rubbish
  2. Drab
  3. Dross
  4. Trash
Grade 11 Emily Dickinson
In lines 1-4 of "Much Madness is divinest Sense," according to the speaker, what are the meanings of madness and sense?
  1. what society regards as madness is actually good sense; what society regards as sensible is utter insanity
  2. what society regards as madness is actually bad sense; what society regards as sensible is pure sanity
Grade 9 Psychology
A view of oneself as an individual is a person's
  1. congruence.
  2. self-esteem.
  3. positive regard.
  4. self-concept.
Grade 12 Vocabulary
to honor, to regard with respect
  1. lawd
  2. superfluous
  3. taciturn
  4. revere
Grade 5 Vocabulary
Unique, extraordinary, regarded with affection
  1. pollution
  2. brilliant
  3. special
  4. voyage
Grade 10 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 8 Matter
Which is true regarding the solid model?
  1. There are strong forces of attraction between the particles
  2. The particles move around freely
  3. There are great open spaces between the particles
  4. The particles move great distances before they collide
Grade 9 Drugs and Alcohol
Which of these properties regarding steroids is true?
  1. Steroids, such as cholesterol, are natural and necessary for life.
  2. Steroids, such as cholesterol, are natural but should be avoided in order to live a healthy life.
  3. Anabolic steroids, such as cholesterol, increase muscle mass, but can cause numerous health problems over time.
  4. Anabolic steroids increase muscle mass, but are only harmful if taken in impoper doses.
Grade 11 Vocabulary
VEXATION most nearly means
  1. the act of harassing
  2. to regard with extreme repugnance
  3. into parts
  4. to seize and take away by violence
Grade 8 Properties of Matter
Which statement regarding matter is NOT true?
  1. Everything in the universe consists of matter
  2. Matter may occur in three different phases
  3. Matter occupies space and has mass
  4. The particles of which matter consist, can be observed under a microscope
Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
Choose all that are true regarding chloroplast.
  1. An organelle found in cells of plants and some other organisms that captures the energy from sunlight and converts it into chemical energy.
  2. They are a spray that soothes sore throats.
  3. They work to convert light energy of the sun into sugars that can be used by cells.
  4. The process of photosynthesis depends on the little green chlorophyll molecules in each chloroplast.
  5. Photosynthesis takes place inside a chloroplast.
  6. Chloroplasts are found in the palisade layer of the leaf.
  7. Chloroplasts are found in the stem.
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