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Grade 9 The Giver
What is one example of a time when release is not a disgrace or punishment?
  1. Release of the Old
  2. Release of the Lawbreakers
  3. Release of a Young Adult
  4. Release of a Childless Adult
Grade 9 Biochemical Pathways
Oxygen is released                                      .
  1. after water is split in photosystem II
  2. during the electron transport chain
  3. during the Calvin Cycle
  4. by chlorophyll
Grade 6 Vocabulary
Release means...
  1. to set free, allow to escape, discharge
  2. to set fire, allow to breath, charge up
  3. to set as a race and drop everything off at home
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
GnRH is released by                 .
  1. The thymus
  2. The kidneys
  3. The ovaries
  4. The hypothalamus
Grade 5 Spelling
Continuing Education Navy
Grade 4 Vocabulary
Grasp means:
  1. release
  2. avoidance
  3. clench
  4. ignorance
Grade 4 Spelling
To let go; to free.
  1. releese
  2. release
  3. releasse
College Chemistry
Continuing Education Navy
Grade 11 Vocabulary
The police SEQUESTERED the suspect.
  1. caught
  2. isolated
  3. arrested
  4. released
College Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
Grade 7 The Giver
What happens during release?
  1. People go to Elsewhere
  2. People are moved to another community
  3. People are given a lethal injection
  4. We never know what happens during release
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