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Grade 4 Defining Words
Remains of a building.
  1. curiosity
  2. glorious
  3. granite
  4. ruins
Grade 5 Social Studies
To move from one area to another.
  1. migrate
  2. remain
  3. resettle
Grade 10 Kinetics and Equilibrium
Grade 10 Synonyms
Which word is a synonym for PINNACLE?
  1. apex
  2. secondary
  3. remain
  4. bankrupt
Grade 5 Synonyms
Grade 9 Energy and Momentum
Grade 10 Synonyms
Grade 6 Connotations and Denotations
want : desire :: find :
  1. discover
  2. remain
  3. fall
Grade 12 Historical Geology
When an ice age occurs, sea levels
  1. rise
  2. fall
  3. remain unchanged
Grade 9 Forces and Motion
An object will remain at rest if the forces are
  1. constant
  2. positive
  3. unbalanced
  4. balanced
Grade 2 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.2.4
hardened remains of plants and animals
  1. bones
  2. fossils
  3. prey
  4. teeth
Grade 11 Scientific Method
The part of an investigation that remains the same is the
  1. uncontrolled variable
  2. independent variable
  3. dependent variable
  4. control variable
Grade 7 Sentence Structure
Identify the predicate:

The name of the fashion designer, that Taylor Swift wore to the concert has remained a mystery.
  1. has remained a mystery
  2. wore to the concert has remained a mystery
  3. of the fashion designer
Continuing Education Business Technology
Grade 8 Defining Words
Which word means "to throw or drop many things over a wide area"?
  1. scatter
  2. remain
  3. migrate
  4. immigrant
  5. telescope
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