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Grade 7 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 6 Writing
Grade 3 Development and Reproduction
Grade 3 Development and Reproduction
Grade 6 Writing
The final step of the writing process is:
  1. Drafting
  2. Responding
  3. Publishing
  4. Revising
College Speech and Voice Disorders
Grade 3 Adaptations and Behavior
Grade 3 Defining Words
not paying attention
  1. equipment
  2. careless
  3. respond
  4. purpose
Grade 10 Scientific Method
Grade 3 Defining Words
causing harm or hurt
  1. prevention
  2. respond
  3. harmful
  4. purpose
Grade 3 Defining Words
stopping something from happening
  1. purpose
  2. prevention
  3. respond
  4. accidental
Grade 7 Zoology
Organisms must be able to react to a:
  1. Homeostasis, respond
  2. Homeostasis, Energize
  3. Homeostasis, organize
  4. stimulus, respond to environment
Grade 11 Circulatory and Immune Systems
Which of the following in NOT a characteristic of life for humans?
  1. respond to stimuli
  2. metabolism
  3. circulatory
  4. movement
Grade 9 Evolution
A change in species over several generations is called
  1. energy
  2. responding to stimuli
  3. reproduction
  4. evolution
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
A liver cell responds to insulin by                                                .
  1. releasing glucagon
  2. taking in glucose and converting it to glycogen
  3. taking in glucose and converting it to glycagon
  4. breaking down glycogen and releasing glucose
Grade 2 Biology
Grade 6 Synonyms
Give a synonym for respond.
  1. reply
  2. laugh
  3. yell
  4. ignore
Grade 10 Industrialization
The government responded to the Pullman Strike by
  1. taking Pullman officials to court
  2. using federal troops to control the workers
  3. forcing unions and workers to negotiate
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