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Grade 7 Defining Words
  1. remains or fragments of something that has been destroyed
  2. the act, process, or accident of varying in condition, character, or degree
  3. aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
  4. freedom from danger, risk, etc.; safety
Grade 5 Defining Words
What is the meaning of the word secured?
  1. loud, harsh cries
  2. fixed or held firmly in place
  3. something of great importance
  4. completely destroyed
Grade 9 Great Depression
The Securities and Exchange Commission regulated
  1. banks
  2. stocks
  3. monopolies
  4. farming
Grade 11 Personal Finance
A secured credit card:
  1. has lower APR.
  2. helps credit rating.
  3. requires a cash deposit.
  4. will not require fees.
Grade 11 Great Depression
Grade 11 Programming
"Security by Design" refers to
  1. the study of computer security design.
  2. software that is designed with security as the main feature.
  3. hardware that is designed with security as the main feature.
  4. computers that are secure because they are blocked from public access.
Grade 11 Vocabulary
apartment owners
  1. lease
  2. landlords
  3. security deposit
Grade 9 Defining Words
feeling safe and certain; no apprehension or anxiety
  1. security
  2. procrastination
  3. interchangeable
  4. excess
Grade 2 Defining Words
Grade 2 Defining Words
Grade 2 Defining Words
Grade 5 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 9 Police
Which of the following is the correct order in which duties ae performed at a crime scene?
  1. secure, search, photograph, collect
  2. search, secure, photograph, collect
  3. secure, phootgraph, search, collect
  4. secure, collect, search, photograph
Grade 8 Synonyms
What is a synonym for the word precariously?
  1. Cautiously
  2. Securely
  3. Unsteadily
  4. Arguable
Grade 10 Synonyms
What is the best synonym for dubious?
  1. secure
  2. understand
  3. believealble
  4. skeptical
Grade 2 Defining Words
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