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Grade 5 People and Places
Grade 7 Defining Words
Grade 1 Pre-Colonial Period
Who were the first people to live in North America?
  1. Pilgrims
  2. Settlers
  3. Native Americans
Grade 2 Social Studies Words
Grade 3 World History
Grade 7 Texas
A person of Mexican descent living in Texas
  1. Anglo-American
  2. Colonist
  3. Tejano
  4. Settler
Grade 4 US History
Grade 8 Exploration
Settlers in the Spanish borderlands were mostly
  1. pirates and runaway slaves
  2. farmers and cattle ranchers
  3. miners and treasure seekers
  4. soldiers and Catholic priests
Grade 5 Colonial Period
Settlers came to America for what reason?
  1. Religious freedom
  2. Financial opportunities
  3. To escape persecution
  4. All of the above
Grade 4 The Frontier
What did the Oregon Trail allow settlers to do?
  1. Cross the Mississippi River faster than ever
  2. Cross the Rocky Mountains and travel from Missouri to Oregon by wagon
  3. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge
  4. Fly to the LA airport in California
Grade 2 Colonial Period
The settlers who arrived in Jamestown were mostly
  1. boys and girls.
  2. men and boys.
  3. women and men.
  4. families.
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