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Grade 9 Visual Arts
Shape occupies what kind of space?
  1. 3-D space
  2. implied space
  3. controlled space
  4. 2-D space
Grade 6 Applied Arts
The shape below is an example of:
Acute Triangle v2
  1. a organic shape
  2. a 3-dimensional shape
  3. a geometric shape
  4. a texture
Kindergarten Basic Shapes CCSS: K.G.A.2
Name this shape:
  1. circle
  2. square
  3. star
  4. diamond
Grade 8 Zoology
Shaping is:
  1. the step-by-step process of training complex behavior
  2. the process by which a marine mammal develops
  3. slapping the water with a dorsal fin
  4. coming together and forming a pod of whales or dolphins
Grade 8 Matter
Liquids form into:
  1. any shape
  2. the shape of their container
  3. no shape
Grade 10 Visual Arts
The shape below is an example of:
Acute Triangle v2
  1. an organic shape
  2. a geometric shape
Grade 8 Geomorphology
There are three different types of volcanoes. What two things determine the classification of volcanoes?
  1. shape and size
  2. shape and color
  3. shape and composition
  4. shape and texture
Grade 12 Geomorphology
Grade 9 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
College Cell Structure and Function
Plant cells have a               .
  1. boxlike shape
  2. circular shape
  3. star shape
  4. square shape
Grade 8 Symmetry and Transformations
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