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Grade 3 Defining Words
  1. a feeling of sadness
  2. a sign telling what to do
  3. a large area of flat land
  4. a wooden hammer
College Other
A signal processor
  1. can provide any required output frequency shift to enable the signal to fit into the overall channel lineup.
  2. is tuned remotely by the receiver in the h/e to select only one satellite channel ata time.
  3. provides signal separation and attenuation to compensate for gains associated with the combining network and initial tranmision.
  4. must change the received signal frequency to different frequency on ts output.
  5. accepts base band video at its input and maintains this video signal on the output.
College Speech and Voice Disorders
We measure spectral tilts in dB per                
  1. Octave
  2. Actave
  3. Source signal
  4. Spectral signal
Grade 3 Defining Words
To hang in a loose way
  1. signal
  2. reverse
  3. steer
  4. dangle
Grade 3 Defining Words
To control the direction of
  1. drift
  2. steer
  3. signal
  4. reverse
Grade 3 Defining Words
to bring or draw closer
  1. signal
  2. attract
  3. crew
  4. drift
Grade 3 Defining Words
Grade 4 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
College Macromolecules
Grade 3 Defining Words
A group of workers
  1. steer
  2. crew
  3. event
  4. signal
Grade 7 Reconstruction
What signaled the end of Reconstruction?
  1. Compromise of 1877
  2. Amnesty Act
  3. Civil Rights Act of 1875
  4. 15th Amendment
College Other
Voice and data signals
  1. Can arrive at the headend as standard voice calls or as digital transmissions from the Internet that can contain a mix of VoIP calls and data files.
  2. Originating within the cable system and destined for cable telephony customers come into the headend on regular telephone lines.
  3. Are routed to an equipment bank at the headend called a PSTN.
  4. Are modulated onto their own return path frequencies separate from the rest of the system's channel lineup for transport to the customer premises.
  5. Are processed the same way whether they are circuit-switched or packet-switched
Grade 5 Defining Words
To signal to come, especially with a gesture:
  1. beckon
  2. contemptuous
  3. exult
  4. fodder
  5. harbor
College Other
Return path signals.
  1. Travel from the headend to the customer premises.
  2. In an HFC system initailly are modulated onto sub-band (5-42 MHz) RF carriers generated by cable modems, digital set-top terminals, and NIU modems.
  3. In an HFC system are converted to RF signals at an optical node and carried the rest of the way to the headend over fiber-optic cables.
  4. Are routed from a sub-band demodulator to an optical receiver that reduces the signals to their baseband components ( video, audio, and/or data).
  5. In an all-coaxial cable system require optical-to-RF conversion, but not amplification.
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