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Grade 7 Figurative Language
What is a simile?
  1. A comparison of two unlike things using like, as, than, or resembles
  2. A comparison between two unlike things in which one thing is said to be another thing
  3. Giving inanimate objects human qualities
Grade 6 Simile
Which of the following is an example of a simile?
  1. "Her hair was gleaming."
  2. "His feet were like baby dolphins."
  3. "The house was monstrous."
  4. "The beetle stank!"
Grade 6 Simile
Which of the following is an example of a simile?
  1. He had big feet.
  2. His feet were huge dolphins.
  3. His feet were like baby dolphins.
  4. His feet looked enormous.
Grade 7 Figurative Language
Similes and metaphors are both
  1. types of literal language.
  2. types of contrasts.
  3. types of viewpoints.
  4. types of comparisons.
Grade 6 Simile
Which of the following examples is a simile?
  1. The lake was as smooth as glass.
  2. The lake was really smooth.
  3. The lake was flat.
  4. The lake was shiny.
Grade 10 Simile CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RI.9-10.4

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A simile is a comparison that uses like or as. The author of this passage uses a simile to:
  1. explain the difference between endocytosis and exocytosis
  2. compare the process of diffusion to a household product
  3. describe the energy molecules needed to move up concentration gradients
  4. help the reader connect with the main idea of the passage
Grade 4 Figurative Language
Grade 7 Figurative Language
A simile is different than a metaphor because:
  1. it is unclear.
  2. it uses the words like or as to compare things.
  3. it doesn't use the words like or as to compare things.
  4. makes no comparison.
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