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Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
What subject does Mr. Freeman teach?
  1. English
  2. Art
  3. Math
  4. Social Studies
Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
How did the author, Laurie Halse Anderson, come up with Melinda’s character?
  1. Anderson’s daughter faced a similar situation, so Melinda is based on her daughter.
  2. Anderson used her own teenage life to come up with Melinda’s character.
  3. Anderson thought up Melinda in a dream.
  4. Anderson based the character of Melinda off of one of her students.
Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
Which quote best supports the claim that Melinda has a poor relationship with her mother?
  1. “We sleep in till noon on Christmas…They give me…a sketch pad with charcoal pencils. They say they have noticed me drawing.”
  2. “[Her parents] weren’t in the house. Both cars were gone. [Melinda] was supposed to have been at Rachel’s all night long.”
  3. “I open a paper clip and scratch it across the inside of my left wrist…Mom sees the wrist at breakfast and says, 'I don’t have time for this, Melinda.'”
  4. “I bet they’d be divorced by now if I hadn’t been born.”
Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
Who is the main antagonist in Speak?
  1. Andy Evans
  2. Melinda Sordino
  3. Mr. Freeman
  4. Heather
Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
Who found Melinda holding a piece of glass to "Its" throat after he tried to assault her again?
  1. The football team
  2. The lacrosse team
  3. Mr. Neck, the social studies teacher
  4. The principal and Heather
Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
Melinda was raped by Andy Evans in the novel because
  1. her friends talked her into saying she would have sex with Andy.
  2. she told Andy she would have sex with him, then changed her mind.
  3. he had sexual intercourse with her without her consent.
  4. none of the above. She was not raped in the novel.
Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
What group(s) does Melinda identify with?
  1. The Suffering Artists and Thespians
  2. None. She is an outsider.
  3. Mostly the Jocks.
  4. The Plain Janes
Grade 8 Young Adult Literature
Melinda describes David Petrakis as: "being so brilliant he makes the teachers nervous."

This is an example of which literary device?
  1. Simile: It compares David to a very smart teacher.
  2. Hyperbole: No one can really be that smart.
  3. Indirect characterization: It shows how intelligent David really is
  4. Imagery: It paints a picture of David.
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