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Grade 5 Spelling
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
Most magnets are made of
  1. Iron or paper
  2. Paper or steel
  3. Iron or steel
  4. Steel or rock
Grade 8 Industrialization
Who invented the steel plow?
  1. John Washington Carver
  2. Geronimo
  3. John Deere
  4. Cyprus McCormick
Grade 10 Industrialization
John D Rockefeller made his millions in
  1. oil
  2. steel
  3. telephones
  4. railways
Grade 6 Mesopotamia

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Grade 5 Spelling
Grade 7 Industrialization
One of the first textiles was
  1. gold
  2. steel
  3. cotton
Grade 8 Agriculture
Grade 8 Industrialization
Which was the most important effect of the Bessemer process?
  1. It allowed the production of more steel.
  2. It produced better steel.
  3. It made steel cheaper.
  4. It allowed factory production of steel.
Grade 2 Magnetism and Electricity
None Tool Safety
Grade 9 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
What are considered the "Wheels of Steel?"
  1. Music loops
  2. Hip-Hop records
  3. DJ turntables
Grade 5 Progressive Era
                        made steel rails for railroads.
  1. John D. Rockefellar
  2. Orville Wright
  3. Andrew Carnegie
  4. George Washington Carver
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