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Grade 8 Heat Transfer
Grade 6 Thermodynamics
What is the difference between temperature and heat?
  1. Temperature is measured by a thermometer, and heat is measured by a barometer
  2. Heat is measured in calories and temperature is measured in joules
  3. Temperature measures the motion of molecules, and heat is the energy of that motion
  4. Heat is caused by the sun, and temperature is caused by conditions in the atmosphere.
Grade 9 Heat Transfer
Grade 6 Kinetics and Equilibrium
What will happen if you heat a liquid to high temperatures?
  1. It will become a colloid
  2. It will become a gas
  3. It will become a solid
Grade 6 Heat Transfer
Thermal energy is
  1. Heat
  2. Water
  3. Matter
  4. None of the Above
Grade 7 Heat Transfer
Is an increase in a material's volume when its temperature increases.
  1. Heat
  2. Thermal Conductor
  3. Thermal Expansion
  4. Thermal Energy
Grade 5 Energy and Momentum
Thermal energy is
  1. kinetic.
  2. potential.
  3. both kinetic and potential.
  4. neither kinetic nor potential.
Grade 7 Heat Transfer
Is a material through which thermal energy does not flow easily.
  1. Thermal Energy
  2. Thermal Conductor
  3. Thermal Insulator
  4. Temperature
Grade 7 Energy and Momentum
Grade 7 Heat Transfer
A material through which thermal energy flows easily.
  1. Thermal Contraction
  2. Temperature
  3. Thermal Conductor
  4. Convection Current
Grade 8 Heat Transfer
What material is a thermal insulator?
  1. Metal on a zipper
  2. Seat cushion
  3. Jacket
  4. Concrete
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