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Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the spelling word that is correctly spelled.
  1. trafic
  2. trafficc
  3. traffice
  4. traffic
Grade 5 Spelling
Grade 11 Driving and Road Safety
Pedestrians should always walk:
  1. On sidewalks.
  2. on the bike paths.
  3. with traffic.
  4. against traffic.
Grade 3 Vocabulary
Grade 11 US Government
Who is known as the "traffic officers"?
  1. The House Agriculture Committee
  2. The House Rules Committee
  3. The House Police Committee
  4. The House Defense Committee
Grade 4 Spelling
Grade 1 Children's Literature
Grade 8 Vocabulary
Continuing Education Driving and Road Safety
Grade 10 Driving and Road Safety
When entering an interstate from the acceleration lane how fast may you go?
  1. faster than the traffic on the interstate highway
  2. slower than the traffic on the interstae highway
  3. adjust your speed to the interstate highway traffic
Graduate Context Clues
Grade 7 Latin American Geography
A problem in the capital of Mexico is
  1. overcrowding
  2. traffic control
  3. air pollution
  4. all of the above
Continuing Education Commercial Driving
Where should your reflectors be placed when stopped on a divided highway?
  1. 20, 50, and 100 ft toward the approaching traffic
  2. 10, 100, and 200 ft toward the approaching traffic
  3. 50, 100, and 200 ft toward the approaching traffic
  4. 100, 200, and 300 ft toward the approaching traffic
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