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Grade 9 Social Studies
A treaty is                                        .
  1. A type of tax
  2. A strategy used by armies during war
  3. A law that has been passed
  4. An official agreement between countries
Grade 11 The Frontier
What treaty gave Florida to the United States?
  1. Adams-Onis Treaty
  2. Treaty Of Paris
  3. Treaty Of Ghent
  4. Treaty Of Versailles
Grade 10 US Government
                make treaties.
  1. executive
  2. legislative
  3. judicial
Grade 6 The Frontier
What treaty signed in 1848 granted the United States Mexico's land, called the Mexican Cession?
  1. Treaty of Ghent
  2. Treaty of Cahuenga
  3. Adams-Onis Treaty
  4. Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
Grade 8 Early National Era
What is the name of the treaty that ended the War of 1812?
  1. Treaty of Ghent
  2. Treaty of Paris
  3. Treaty of 1812
  4. Pinckney's Treaty
Grade 9 American Imperialism
What Treaty ended the Spanish American War?
  1. Treaty of Phillipines
  2. Treaty of Paris
  3. Treaty of Guam
  4. Treaty of Puerto Rico
Grade 5 The Frontier
The                             ended the war between the United States and Mexico.
  1. Treaty of Paris
  2. Adams-Onis Treaty
  3. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  4. Treaty of the Alamo
Grade 8 Colonial Period
In 1494 what treaty divided all the newly discovered lands outside of Europe between Spain and Portugal?
  1. The Declaratory Acts
  2. Treaty of Windsor
  3. The Treaty of Tordesillas
  4. Treaty of Ayton
  5. Treaty of Versailles
Grade 9 WWI
What treaty ended WWI?
  1. Treaty of Versailles
  2. Treaty of Parris
  3. Treaty of Germany
  4. Treaty of Allied Powers
Grade 8 American Revolution
Which treaty ended the American Revolutionary War?
  1. Treaty of Virginia
  2. Treaty of Paris in 1783
  3. Treaty of San Lorenzo
  4. Treaty of Louisiana
Continuing Education US History
What Treaty forced Germany to pay reparations after WWI?
  1. Treaty of Paris
  2. Treaty of Berlin
  3. Treaty of Winnebago
  4. Treaty of Versailles
Grade 9 Colonial Period
Which treaty handed over the land of the French to the British?
  1. Treaty of Calais
  2. Treaty of Gallas
  3. Magna Carta
  4. Treaty of Troyes
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
Which of the following led to tension between France and the United States during Adams's presidency?
  1. Treaty of Greenville
  2. Jay Treaty
  3. Treaty of Paris
  4. Declaration of Independence
Grade 9 Modern Era
What treaty eliminated an entire class of nuclear weapons?
  1. Treaty of Versailles
  2. Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty
  3. Treaty of Ghent
  4. Emancipation Proclamation
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