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Grade 5 Vocabulary
Grade 6 Defining Words
unable to achieve:
  1. anxiety
  2. anonymous
  3. beneficial
  4. unattainable
Grade 7 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary

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He was unable to move. He was                .
  1. paranoid
  2. paralyzed
  3. paraperplexed
  4. parastuck
Grade 7 Defining Words
unable to read or write
  1. docile
  2. illiterate
  3. dumbfound
  4. impede
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Grade 11 Criminal Justice
a jury that is unable to reach a decision
  1. grand jury
  2. hung jury
  3. petit jury
  4. criminal law
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Unable to work together
  1. assiduous
  2. deleterious
  3. incompatible
  4. venerable
Grade 10 Defining Words
unable to be upset or excited; calm
  1. imperturbable
  2. fatuous
  3. ethereal
  4. lucid
Grade 6 Defining Words
unable to be entered or passed through
  1. impenetrable
  2. jeopardy
  3. steely
  4. terse
  5. mammoth
  6. putrefying
Grade 9 Context Clues
The song was inaudible so Mary had to turn up the volume.

In this sentence the word inaudible means:
  1. able to be heard
  2. able to be seen
  3. unable to be heard
  4. unable to be seen
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