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Continuing Education US Government
Continuing Education Business Technology
credit union
  1. user-owned nonprofit financial institution offered by investment companies with earnings based on investments
  2. financial institution that offers a full range of financial services
  3. financial institution that specializes in savings accounts ad mortgage loans
  4. assets put into savings
Grade 6 Civil War
What were the Northern Soldiers called?
  1. Confederates Soldiers
  2. Civil Unions
  3. Union Soldiers
  4. Railroads
Grade 6 Civil War
What were the Southern Soldiers called?
  1. Confederate Soldiers
  2. Civil Unions
  3. Union Soldiers
  4. Railroads
Grade 9 Civil War
Rose Greenhow was a spy for who?
  1. The Union
  2. The French
  3. The British
  4. The Confederates
Grade 11 US Government
Grade 11 US Government
Grade 7 US Geography
What is the capital of Mississippi?
  1. Jackson
  2. Monroe
  3. Union
  4. Lafayette
Grade 11 Industrialization
ARU stands for?
  1. American Railway Union
  2. American Rent Union
  3. American Roadways Union
  4. American Risk Union
Grade 5 Civil War
Who decided to secede from the the United States?
  1. The Union
  2. The British
  3. The Colonists
  4. The South
Grade 4 Colonial Period
What type of society did the Narragansett live in?
  1. democracy
  2. cooperation
  3. union
  4. liberal
Grade 8 Modern Europe
Grade 8 Modern China
Grade 12 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 8 India
Grade 4 Industrialization

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What is a labor union?
  1. A group of people who work together and are on a golf team together.
  2. A group of workers who want to work more hours.
  3. A workers' group than helps run a company.
  4. A workers' group that fights for better working conditions and pay.
Grade 10 World History
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