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Grade 2 Social Studies
What is Urban?
  1. country
  2. farm
  3. city
  4. house
Grade 10 Geography
The term urban means
  1. country
  2. outside of the city
  3. city
  4. coastal
Grade 10 Geography
What is urban sprawl?
  1. stretching out of a city
  2. when people move to the city
  3. living in the country
  4. industrialization
Grade 3 Themes of Geography
Grade 8 Industrialization

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Grade 3 Geography
Put the areas below in order from most crowded to least crowded.
  1. Suburban, urban, rural
  2. Rural, suburban, urban
  3. Urban, suburban, rural
  4. Urban, rural, suburban
Grade 6 Defining Words
to prove the truth:
  1. unaccountable
  2. urban
  3. verify
  4. tentative
None Industrialization
Grade 9 Social Studies
Moving from a rural area to the city is called what?
  1. Urbanization
  2. Ruralization
  3. Horticulture
  4. Agriculture
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