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Grade 6 Ancient History
Grade 2 Social Studies
Whom does Labor Day honor?
  1. the President
  2. American workers
  3. Japanese workers
Grade 4 Zoology
Worker ants are                .
  1. male only
  2. female only
  3. male and female
Grade 3 Defining Words
A group of workers
  1. steer
  2. crew
  3. event
  4. signal
Grade 2 Social Studies
A person who designs buildings is an
  1. artist
  2. architect
  3. construction worker
Grade 3 North Carolina
Who founded the settlement of Salem?
  1. Communities
  2. Workers
  3. British
  4. Moravians
Grade 10 Industrial Revolution
Grade 3 Economics
Grade 3 Supporting Details

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Grade 6 Nouns

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Grade 8 US Government
Who are blue-collared workers?
  1. teachers
  2. doctors
  3. store keepers
  4. factory workers
Grade 9 Job Search and Career
Employers want workers to be:
  1. responsible
  2. ethical
  3. team oriented
  4. all of the above
Grade 5 Zoology
What are the worker bees?
  1. lays eggs
  2. Female bees that do not mate or lay eggs
  3. They only mate but don't lay eggs
Kindergarten People and Places
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