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My Own Wings

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My Own Wings
by A. Gautam

"Hey, do you want to write something for the school play?" Hiro asked Sayaka, knowing that it was an offer she could not refuse.

"You mean an actual play?" Sayaka voiced her disbelief and joy. "For the talent show?"

"Yeah, girl!" Hiro cheered. "Thought I'd ask you first, you know. It can be about anything. Make it half an hour long and create at least five characters. When can you get it done?"

"Um, I can have it by the weekend," Sayaka nearly screamed with excitement. "Do you need it sooner?"

"Perfect," Hiro said with a smile. "I knew you were the girl for it!" He walked away from the classroom whistling and already searching for five actors for Sayaka's play. He knew making the talent show a success would help him get another letter of recommendation for his college applications.

As Sayaka gathered her belongings in the backpack, she could not help but feel that this was her moment. She knew her parents would be there to watch the play. This was her chance to say things she was too afraid to tell her father. In a matter of minutes, Sayaka had thought out the plot in her mind. The main character in her play was going to be a high school student who tells her father that she does not want to be a doctor. The girl in the play would convince her father to let her apply for college to study literature. The thought of introducing her father to this idea thrilled and scared Sayaka.What if he does not get it? she asked herself. Then, how will I talk to him?

Sayaka had decided she would give her idea a try and wrote the best play she had ever written. The characters came alive in the script. When Hiro's friends tried out for the play, they all loved the script and wanted in. Before she knew it, Sayaka was sitting between her mother and father among the audience watching her own creation, My Own Wings. As the lights became dim, Sayaka felt her heart beating louder. The curtains were lifted and the play had begun. The half-hour felt like eternity as the auditorium was filled with Sayaka's words.

In her mind, she repeated each line with the characters and gauged the audience's reaction. The person whose response she cared about the most was sitting next to her. This was the moment Sally, the main character, spoke the most important dialogue of the play: "Father, I love and respect you very much. You have always taught me to think on my own. Today, I have come to tell you that I do not want to be a doctor; I want to be a writer!"

As the words were spoken, Sayaka felt her father's warm hands tap her back. "I am proud of you, and I know you want to talk," he whispered into her ears. "I am ready to listen."

When the play ended in a thunderstorm of applause, many teachers, students, and parents congratulated Sayaka on her success. The compliments made her happy, but she had already received the prize she wanted to win. Her father had understood everything.
Grade 6 Character Study CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RL.6.3
What happens in the story's resolution?
  1. Everyone who tries out for the play wants to act in it.
  2. The auditorium is filled with the words in Sayaka's play.
  3. Sayaka's father lets her know that he is ready to listen.
  4. The curtain is lifted and My Own Wings begins playing.