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Memories of Digging Gold

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Memories of Digging Gold

Santiago was not going to play in his backyard today. His mother could not be home to take care of him. Santiago was big enough to understand things but not old enough to be left without supervision. So, Santiago held on to his mother's index finger and tried to catch up with her fast-paced steps. They were going to the gold fields to take lunch to his father who had been mining day and night.
Santiago's family had traveled for days on foot to get to California. During the journey, he wished his mother carried him on his back like his father used to. When Santiago finally made it to the fields he saw swarms of men, women, and children who were busy digging. Before his mother knew it, Santiago was already far away from her. He was pulled by a strange force to a group of kids. Each of the kids spoke a different language so one could not understand the other. It was years before Santiago understood that he had met kids who belonged to China, Chile, and many Native American tribes.

Passage 2

A Star Rises

Jesse Owens was used to a tough life. He was born in rural Alabama to sharecroppers who struggled to fight hunger each harvest season. When Jesse was a child, he ran around the farm in his spare time. He said it was something that made him feel powerful, and it was something he could do alone. Jesse also learned to read and write in a one room school house.
When Jesse's family moved to Ohio seeking a better life, he learned how to survive in the ghetto. He delivered groceries, loaded freight cars, and worked in a shoe repair shop while he still attended school. Jesse's luck was about to change when he met Coach Riley. Riley saw that Jesse could run like magic. The making of a legend began in Cleveland East Technical High School's humble athletic department when America was fighting the Great Depression.
Grade 6 Compare and Contrast CCSS: CCRA.R.9, RL.6.9
Which of these best compares the difference between the historical settings of the passages?
  1. Passage 1 takes place when most people were farmers; Passage 2 takes place when people explored other jobs.
  2. Passage 1 takes place when America was prosperous; Passage 2 takes place when America ended a war.
  3. Passage 1 takes place during the California Gold Rush; Passage 2 takes place during the Great Depression.
  4. Passage 1 takes place during America's discovery; Passage 2 takes place during the slavery of Native Americans.
Grade 6 Theme CCSS: CCRA.R.9, RL.6.9
Which theme is represented in both passages?
  1. Adapting to a new place
  2. Leaving home
  3. Interacting with different types of people
  4. Being an outcast