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Created: Jun 12, 2014
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The Wife of Bath's Prologue

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Experience, though no authority
Were in this world, would be enough for me
To speak of woe that married life affords;
For since I was twelve years of age, my lords,
Thanks be to God eternally alive, 5
Of husbands at the church door I've had five
(If I have wed that often legally),
And all were worthy men in their degree.
But I was told not very long ago
That as but once did Jesus ever go 10
To a wedding (in Cana, Galilee),
By that example he was teaching me
That only once in life should I be wed.
And listen what a sharp word, too, was said
Beside a well by Jesus, God and man, 15
In a reproof of the Samaritan:
'Now you have had five husbands,' Jesus said,
'But he who has you now, I say instead,
Is not your husband.' That he said, no doubt,
But what he meant I haven't figured out; 20
For I must ask, why is it the fifth man
Wasn't husband to the Samaritan?
How many men was she allowed to wed?
In all my years I've never heard it said
Exactly how this number is defined; 25
Men may surmise and gloss how it's divined,
But I expressly know it's not a lie
God bade us to increase and multiply--
That noble text I well appreciate.
I also know the Lord said that my mate 30
Should leave for me his father and his mother,
But mentioned not one number or another,
Not bigamy nor yet octogamy.
Why should men speak, then, disapprovingly?
Grade 10 The Canterbury Tales
In her prologue, the Wife of Bath says that...
  1. the Bible says she must be married, so she gets married; she is obedient to the Word of God
  2. the Bible says nothing about remarrying once your spouse dies; if anything she says the Bible commands her to get married again after the death of her spouse; therefore, she continues to get married over and over again
  3. the Bible says she must marry younger men
  4. the Bible says she is required to marry men who are rich
Grade 10 The Canterbury Tales
In her life story, the Wife of Bath claims to have been married                                                          
  1. five times, the first time when she was only 12 years old
  2. to the same man for the last 30 years
  3. secretly to a priest
  4. to both commoners and knights