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Created: Jul 6, 2015
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How to Putt a Golf Ball

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How to Putt a Golf Ball

Step 1: Read the Green
Before you can even think about hitting the ball, you have to know which way it’s going to go. It’s usually easiest to squat down a fair distance behind your golf ball (around 5-10 feet) and look at the green between the ball and the hole.

Look for different shades in the grass. The shininess and grain of the grass can tell you how the ball is going to roll. Also look for bumps, ball marks, or debris that you may need to fix in order to have a smooth path to the hole. Then go to the other side of the hole, looking towards your ball, and do the same thing.

Step 2: Visualize the Putt
Close your eyes and picture yourself hitting the putt and it rolling into the bottom of the cup. This will allow you to feel comfortable over the ball and get a good gauge of how the putt should look as it rolls along your path to the hole.

Step 3: Take Practice Swings
Stand with your putter beside the ball and take smooth strokes with the power you estimate it will take to get the ball to the hole along the correct line. Take about two to four practice swings and then take a deep breath.

Step 4: Address the Ball
Put your putter behind the ball, feet shoulder width apart and relaxed. Take a deep breath then proceed to step 5.

Step 5: Hit the Putt
Take a deep breath, take a smooth stroke and hit your putt. Trust your line and believe in yourself.

Step 6: Watch the Putt Fall
After you hit your putt, watch it roll towards the hole and fall into the bottom of the hole. Fist pumps are encouraged after it goes in.
Grade 7 Text Elements CCSS: CCRA.R.7, RI.7.7
Which type of media would be the most helpful form for this text?
  1. a slideshow presentation
  2. a how-to video
  3. a podcast
  4. an animated cartoon
Grade 6 Author's Purpose CCSS: CCRA.R.6, RI.6.6
What is the author's purpose in writing a text?
  1. to provide encouragement
  2. to teach a skill
  3. to summarize a game
  4. to introduce a new sport
Grade 6 Author's Purpose CCSS: CCRA.R.6, RI.6.6
Why does the author add the line "Fist bumps are encouraged after it goes in"?
  1. to add a specific example
  2. to include a bit of humor
  3. to show a process
  4. to provide expert advice