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An Overview of Verb Tenses

An Overview of Verb Tenses

Profession - Gymnast Mary dances. Mary has danced since she was three years old. Some say Mary was dancing in the womb. This year, Mary will have been dancing for 10 years.

Did you notice that each of the sentences above uses the same verb? Dance.

Mary dances.
Mary has danced.
Mary was dancing.
Mary will have been dancing.

The difference between all of the sentences is that each verb is in a different tense.

The tense of a verb helps you understand the time something happened.

There are 12 main verb tenses. They include:
  • Simple Past
  • Simple Present
  • Simple Future
  • Continuous (Progressive) Past
  • Continuous (Progressive) Present
  • Continuous (Progressive) Future
  • Perfect Continuous (Progressive) Past
  • Perfect Continuous (Progressive) Present
  • Perfect Continuous (Progressive) Future

Use the practice questions to see how much you already know about verb tenses. Then watch the video to learn more about each of the tenses.