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Kickball is a fun game played in the gym at school, on the playground, or even on a field outdoors.  In kickball, everyone gets a turn playing different positions.  Everyone gets a turn to kick the ball, too.
Kickball is kind of like baseball.  It has many of the same rules.  Kickball uses a diamond shape for the field.  Each corner of the diamond is a base.  The pitcher stands in the middle of the diamond and rolls the ball on the ground toward home for the kicker.
Players on each team take turns going up to home plate.  Instead of using a bat to hit a baseball, a kickball player uses his or her foot to kick the ball into play.  Once the kicker kicks the ball, he or she runs to first base.  If the kicker gets safely to first, he or she can try to run on to second, third, and home if they don’t get out.  If the runner gets all the way home safely, that’s a run for the team.  Runners cannot run to the next base once the ball is returned to the pitcher from the field.
Unlike baseball, one of the ways a runner gets out is by getting hit by a thrown or kicked ball while off base.  If a kicker kicks the ball in the air and it is caught on a fly by a fielder, the kicker is out.  Each team gets three outs in an inning.  Then they must switch to being in the field while the other team comes in to kick.
Most kickball games last four or five innings depending on the time.  The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins.

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