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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Problem Solving Strategies
Level: Grade 10
Standards: HSN-Q.A.1
Author: nsharp1
Created: 2 years ago

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Grade 10 Problem Solving Strategies CCSS: HSN-Q.A.1

Using dimensional analysis, the following calculation can be performed to convert between 3 pounds and its equivalent in grams (using the rate of 1 oz equals 28.3 g).

[math](3 \ "lb")/1 xx (16 \ "oz") / (1 \ "lb") xx (28.3 \ "g")/(1 \ "oz") = 1,358.4 \ "g"[/math]

Mathematically, why can 3 be multiplied by the factors [math] (16 \ "oz") / (1 \ "lb")[/math] and [math](28.3 \ "g")/(1 \ "oz") ?[/math]
  1. Because this is dimensional analysis, regular rules of math do not apply.
  2. Since the necessary units cancel out, there is no problem.
  3. Because each of these factors is equal to one (the numerator and denominator are equal, but in different units).
  4. By the Multiplicative Property of Equality.
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