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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Problem Solving Strategies
Level: Grade 10
Standards: HSN-Q.A.2
Author: nsharp1
Created: 2 years ago

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Grade 10 Problem Solving Strategies CCSS: HSN-Q.A.2

There is a leak in the ceiling of Kara's room. She puts a bucket underneath the drip. After an hour, there's about a half liter of water. She checks back in another 3 hours, and there is about 2 liters of water. If she wants to determine how much water there will be in 12 hours, what quantity or quantities would she need to determine?
  1. The rate of the water's increase, in liters per hour.
  2. The amount of water in the bucket, in liters.
  3. The amount of water in the bucket in liters and the amount of time that has passed in hours.
  4. The size of the bucket in liters and the rate of the drip in liters per hour.
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