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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Similar and Congruent Figures
Level: Grade 10
Standards: HSG-SRT.B.5, HSG-SRT.C.8
Author: nsharp1
Last Modified: 2 weeks ago

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Similar and Congruent Figures Question

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Grade 10 Similar and Congruent Figures CCSS: HSG-SRT.B.5, HSG-SRT.C.8

Kayla and Josh are flying kites. They have both let out all the string for their kites, which is 25 m. The angle of elevation of Kayla's kite is 40°. The angle of elevation of Josh's kite is 50°. If Kayla's kite is currently 16.1 m above the ground, how high is Josh's kite?
  1. 8.9 m
  2. 16.1 m
  3. 19.1 m
  4. It cannot be determined with the information given.
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