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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Idiom
Level: Grade 8
Standards: CCRA.L.5, L.8.5
Score: 7
Tags: ELA-Literacy.L.8.5
Author: szeiger
Last Modified: 4 years ago

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Grade 8 Idiom CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.8.5

Read the sentences below.

Everyone was so happy when the bullies were expelled, but it was just icing on the cake when we found out that they had to repeat their eighth grade year! Serves them right.

What does the idiom ICING ON THE CAKE mean?
  1. A sweet substance used to cover a cake
  2. Something that makes a good situation even better
  3. A horrible piece of news
  4. Something that hurts someone else
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