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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Level: Grade 6
Standards: CCRA.R.1, RL.6.1
Score: 67
Tags: ELA-Literacy.RL.6.1
Author: mferrero
Last Modified: a year ago

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Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions Question

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Grade 6 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RL.6.1

Justin grabbed the leash and quickly put it around Tooli's neck. He stormed out the door with Tooli coming right behind.

He said, "Hurry up, Tooli. You're always so slow." Justin kept his head down and walked quickly down the road, not speaking to anyone that he saw.

What was true about Justin?
  1. He was very worried that someone might see him.
  2. He was angry that he had to walk the dog.
  3. He was feeling sick and wanted to lie down.
  4. He was very excited and wanted to hurry.
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