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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Triangles
Level: Grade 9
Standards: HSG-SRT.B.5
Score: 1
Author: jjstanley
Last Modified: a month ago

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Grade 9 Triangles CCSS: HSG-SRT.B.5

In the triangle ABC [math]ang A=45 deg[/math], [math]ang B = 30 deg[/math], and [math]bar (BC)=5[/math]. In triangle DEF [math]bar (DF)=5[/math], [math]ang D=45 deg[/math] , and [math]ang F=105 deg[/math]. Which postulate proves that the triangle [math]ABC ~= DEF[/math]?
  1. SSA
  2. ASA
  3. SSS
  4. They are not congruent
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