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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Mesopotamia
Level: Grade 6
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Author: jrosby
Created: a year ago

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Grade 6 Mesopotamia

“ The gods shook like beaten dogs, hiding in the far corners of heaven. [The goddess]
Ishtar screamed and wailed [cried out moaning or screaming]: ‘The days of old have
turned to stone: We have decided evil things in our assembly [council]! Why did we
decide those evil things in our assembly? Why did we decide to destroy our people? We
have only just now created our beloved humans; we now destroy them in the sea!’ All
the gods wept and wailed along with her. All the gods sat trembling and wept. ”
—Shin-eqi-unninni, Gilgamesh, Tablet 11

According to this excerpt, what “evil thing” did the gods decide in their assembly?
  1. to destroy their people
  2. to tremble and weep
  3. to turn to stone
  4. to beat animals
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