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Army Questions - All Grades

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Grade 11 Army
Oral orders given by a subordinate leader that reinforce and complement a commander's orders are
  1. Two-part commands
  2. Combined commands
  3. Supplementary commands
  4. None of the above
None Army
DA 4187 needs to be signed by?
  1. battalion
  2. company
  3. brigade
  4. none of the above
None Army
What is the purpose of the NCOER?
  1. Ensure the selection of the best qualified noncommissioned officers to serve in positions .
  2. Contribute to Army-wide improved performance and professional development by increased emphasis on performance counseling.
  3. Strengthen the ability of the NCO Corps to meet the professional challenges of the future through the indoctrination of Army values and basic NCO responsibilities.
  4. All of the above
Grade 11 Army
How you assume the position of parade rest?
None Army
Levy briefs are held on Tuesdays once a month.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 11 Army
The loudness of a command adjusted to the number of soldiers in a unit is called
  1. Distinctiveness
  2. Voice control
  3. Inflection
  4. Cadence
None Army
What form is used when rating an NCO?
  1. DA Form 2166-8
  2. DA Form 21266-8
  3. DA Form 2168-8
  4. none of the above
None Army
The person who is most familiar with the day-to-day performance of the rated NCO is called?
  1. senior rater
  2. rater
  3. reviewer
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