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Beauty and Body Questions - All Grades

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None Beauty and Body
Diseases and disorders are often accompanied by skin               .
  1. peeling
  2. flaking
  3. moles
  4. lesions
College Beauty and Body
The proper name for the Shoulder Blade is
  1. Deltoid
  2. Sacrum
  3. Scapula
  4. Latisimus Dorsi
College Beauty and Body
What condition would a nail have if it flacked and broke easily?
  1. Ridges
  2. Overgrown cuticles
  3. Dry brittle nails
College Beauty and Body
The technical term for the nail is:
  1. mantle
  2. onyx
  3. keratin
  4. cuticle
College Beauty and Body
A ligament is:
  1. toughened skin that attaches to the nail
  2. splitting of the nail plate
  3. folds of normal skin surrounding the nail plate
  4. tough band of tissue that holds organs in place
College Beauty and Body
Extension of the cuticle at the base of the nail body that partially overlaps the lunula is called:
  1. cuticle
  2. eponychium
  3. hyponichium
  4. bed epithelium
Continuing Education Beauty and Body
The innovator who produced and sold makeup to movie stars that would not cake or crack under hot movie lights was:
  1. Noel DeCaprio
  2. Max Factor
  3. Charles Nessler
  4. Arnold F. Willatt
Continuing Education Beauty and Body
The individual credited with coining the term "day spa" is:
  1. Sarah Breedlove
  2. Marcel Grateau
  3. Noel DeCaprio
  4. Madame C. J. Walker
Continuing Education Beauty and Body
What is the technical name for tinea pedis?
Continuing Education Beauty and Body
Pick one designer from the list below and write about 3 things you learned about them in 5 sentences or more.

-Donatella Versace
-Ralph Lauren
-Gianni Versace
-Betsey Johnson
-Tommy Hilfiger
College Beauty and Body
What is Contact Dermatitis and how can you prevent it?
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